Month: December 2018

How to calculate the interest rate on a personal loan

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Calculating an interest rate on a personal loan is a complicated task, not only because the formula is really complex, but because the terms that are part of it are also difficult to understand in many cases. Therefore, in this article we will try to explain the most important terms that have to do with […]

Do you need financial help?

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If you and your family find yourself drowned by accumulated debts of the past or you have had a series of unforeseen events that do not allow you to save this month, you should not worry. It is simply a specific situation that you can solve with a sufficient injection of money to be able […]

Pawn shops vs. personal loans

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In the conjuncture of global economic crisis like the one we are coming from and in which we remain installed, banks are much more reluctant to grant any type of credit. The high delinquency rates existing in Mexico and many other countries have caused these banks to close the tap and, for now, it does […]

I need money for Christmas

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What if I need money for these dates? Do not worry! We have the ideal solution for you. And it is that Christmas is a very difficult time to face on the economic plane for many families who usually have a bad time at the end of the month. But everyone deserves a break, a […]