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5 tips on how to start a business

Setting up a company and being your own boss is the dream to which many Argentines aspire.

5 tips on how to start a business

In this case, a dream that, although not easy, is perfectly achievable. In this article we give you 5 tips on how to start a business in our country, with advice at the level of attitude, bureaucracy and financing, where the loans in the act play a fundamental role, as we will see.

Analyze and inform yourself of the market

One of the basic rules of every entrepreneur is “do not get involved in a sector that you do not know”. It will generate insecurities, make you make mistakes (errors are allowed in all areas of life and the economy, but in fair measure) and, above all, limit your ability to make decisions. Therefore, it is essential that you know the market in which you are going to operate, either by training or by previous experience.

In this sense, you can resort in a complementary way to the advice of experts , who will advise you on the steps to follow and on the approach you have to give to your activity. They will elaborate the corresponding reports, they will alert you of the possible risks and they will help you in the first phases of the process.

Develop a business plan

Your new economic adventure must be, first of all, a controlled adventure with a network. That is, you have to think to the last detail and anticipate crisis situations, which you must face with guarantees. All this must be included in a fundamental document: the business plan, which includes everything related to your new company. For example:

  • Current situation of the sector
  • SWOT Analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities of your future business), always from a truly realistic perspective
  • Budget : money available, money that can be obtained through financing and estimates of sales income or service provision in the early stages of the business.
  • Material and human resources : office furniture, vehicles necessary for the development of the activity, size of the workers’ staff that will be necessary to carry out the work, etc.
  • Marketing plan : essential to publicize the company and make it grow, both in its early stages and later. Investment in marketing must be constant and a central axis of the company’s sustainability
  • Many other aspects

The business plan is a fundamental and complex document. There are numerous models and examples available to you on the Internet, but it is recommended that you resort to the services of experts for its preparation.

Perform the relevant bureaucratic procedures

In this business plan you can also indicate all the bureaucratic procedures that you have to carry out to start your business. Depending on the province in which the company will be registered, the procedures are broader or simpler. But in all cases, there are three institutions that are part of this process: the AFIP , a judicial body to control the legality of the company (usually the General Inspection of Justice ) and the provincial directorate .

Financing: how to start a business with money loans

One of the fundamental aspects for those who want to know how to start a business is, logically, to obtain the necessary funds for it. In general, you can get them in several ways:

  • Personal savings : inheritance or capital obtained through years of work.
  • Public subsidies : either through competitions, financing by public institutions or non-refundable money grants .
  • Bank financing : for large amounts of money.
  • Online loans : an increasingly popular way.

In relation to this last method of financing, that of quick loans , it should be noted that they have become not only a personal solution but also a totally valid tool for professionals and companies. Its main reason: they provide money instantly and can be used in any aspect related to the business, without giving explanations or justifications. This makes them an unbeatable aid in the early life of the company, when there is usually a greater need for liquidity in cash and treasury. You can get up to $ 5000 at the moment, to return in a period that you decide: between 1 and 30 days .

Advance with small steps

One last piece of advice on how to start a business is to move forward with small steps, without hurry but without pause. The ideal is to set small goals , both for its short period of achievement and its simple realization. And go overcoming them. That will give you confidence, while ensuring the sustainable growth of the company. A serious mistake would be to start the activity with great expectations and big projects based on illusion and an excessive optimism. Do not commit more money than you are sure you can recover and do not spend more time than you can dedicate to your new economic adventure.

How to calculate the interest rate on a personal loan

Calculating an interest rate on a personal loan is a complicated task, not only because the formula is really complex, but because the terms that are part of it are also difficult to understand in many cases.

how to calculate interest rate

Therefore, in this article we will try to explain the most important terms that have to do with the interest rate and in the final part we will approach a practical example that will make it better understood.

In a simplified way, it can be said that the interest rate is the price of money. Yes, money has a price, that’s why you can buy it. In fact, when you ask for a loan you are buying money that you do not have and that the client will pay the lender, either in installments over time or once in the future when the client has liquidity again.

The lenders charge interest because, obviously, they need to have a percentage of benefits to make their activity viable, like any other profession or sector. In the case of banks, in addition, the collection of interest has to do with the fact that they themselves also pay interest when they buy money in the interbank market: that is, that banks lend each other at a certain interest rate, the famous one. Euribor, as we will see.

Fixed interest rate Vs variable interest rate

The fixed interest rate is, as its name suggests, the one that does not change over time. If it is done based on an investment, the percentage of profitability will always be the same. In the case of loans, which is the subject that interests us here, it makes reference to the fact that the cost will always be proportionally the same with respect to the borrowed capital.

On the other hand, the variable interest rate does change, and it does so because the percentage that is set as a cost for the client is the Euribor plus a spread. That is to say, the banks want to make sure that the benefits that they would obtain by granting a loan would never be inferior to their own expenses, that is to say, what the Euribor indicates. Therefore they establish a differential, which is usually expressed as Euribor + x%. For example, Euribor + 10%, although in some cases the differential can be applied to other reference indices.

The fixed interest rates tend to be more expensive for the client (more commissions are paid), while the variables used to be more economic, although this trend is becoming more nuanced. In fact, it should be borne in mind that the Euribor is a very variable index that can rise quickly and give us an upset in the form of very large commissions. On other occasions, even if the Euribor is low, if the spread is very high, the set of variable interest to be paid will also be high.

In this sense, and as a parenthesis, it is interesting to know that the interests paid in an online microcredit are usually quite contained. Therefore, the fees charged by Babar are always clear and without surprises, indicated before making the request for the personal loan online .

Simple interest rate and compound interest rate

Another distinction that needs to be clear is that of the simple interest rate and the compound interest rate. In the simple, the interests that are generated are only in relation to the initial capital loaned. That is, if the bank lends you 1,000 euros s return in two years at a simple nominal interest (now we will explain the ‘nominal’) of 10%, you will pay 100 euros in interest each year, 200 euros in total.

On the other hand, compound interest, to calculate the amount to be paid, adds the interest that is generated over time. That is, if the bank lends you 1,000 euros at a compound interest rate of 10% per annum to be repaid in two years, the interest would be 100 euros the first year and 110 euros the second, because the capital of the second year was 1,100 euros (1,000 euros plus interest 100). Therefore, a total of 210 euros will have been paid as interest at the time of loan repayment.

Nominal interest rate Vs TAE

Finally, a very important distinction: the nominal interest and the APR. The nominal interest rate (TIN) is the interest that the lender charges with respect to the loaned capital. However, the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate), also expressed in percentage, is the true cost of a credit for a client, since it includes the associated expenses, such as study fees, opening fees, etc.

Therefore, when we talk about calculating the interest rate, we should specify more, calculating in reality the APR, which are the actual expenses that we will pay for a loan, expressed year after year, that is why it is called ‘annual’.

The calculation formula is: TAE = (1 + (i / k)) k-1, where i is the nominal interest rate and k the number of periods established to settle interest. As it is a really complex equation, we recommend using simple online tools, such as the Bank of Spain Simulator .

Finally, following the examples handled so far, in a loan of 1,000 euros, with 30 euros of commissions, 30 euros of insurance premiums, with a nominal interest of 10% and with a repayment term of 2 years, the resulting APR It will be 17.53% of commissions each year.

Do you need financial help?

If you and your family find yourself drowned by accumulated debts of the past or you have had a series of unforeseen events that do not allow you to save this month, you should not worry.

how to save at home easily

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Share: No matter how hard you try, you can not find a way to know how to save at home . Do not worry, here, in this article, we explain how. The best tips so you can start saving money easily and only with these simple tricks. Do not miss them in the blog!

How to save at home: set a budget

First of all and as a rule that you must keep in mind, establish a budget previously. It is the best way for you to have a clear vision of your income and expenses and to know how to save at home, being very clear about the expenses that you can cut. Pick up paper and pencil (or an Excel sheet) and write down all the expenses and monthly income you have. From there, you can follow our tips to know how to save at home you and your family.

How to save at home: some key tips

There are more, but here we give you four key tips so you can start saving at home every month.

Save on bills : it is important that you do not leave the lights on, that you try not to turn them on while you look good, do not exceed the limit of calls imposed by the telephone company and not waste water, among other things. It is also important to have efficient appliances that do not overspend, as well as knowing what is their correct use.

Save on the shopping list : do not buy like crazy. You need to establish a weekly purchase plan. Buy only once a week what you need. In this way you will get used to making the shopping list only with essential things and being clear about how much you are spending per month on this. Very important to start saving at home.

Eliminate expendable expenses : one of the key tips on how to save at home that you should always follow carefully and rigorously. Every expendable expense is that, an expense that you do not need too much and that you can do without. With which, eliminate this type of expenses is one of the first steps to apply to start saving.

Review the list of fixed expenses : changing service providers (telephony, internet, electric company …) is a good way to save at home. You can always put the scissors to something since these companies usually offer offers constantly.

These are some basic tips and key when it comes to knowing how to save at home. But there are many tricks that can help you. Imagination is important, you can save on the most unlikely things. Here are some tricks:

Keep the freezer full : this will help you not to spend on food at home, for example. You will not need to spend too much on the shopping list, because when you run out of supplies you can always go to a freezer full of food to get by.

Grow products at home : you do not have to have a garden or a large plot of land. You can buy pots and plant different spices. Spices are much more expensive if you buy them already grown and ready for culinary use. Why not encourage yourself to plant at home? It can even become your joint hobby as a family!

Save on cleaning products : not only buying the cheapest, you can also save by adding a little water to be able to use them for longer. When cleaning, you will not notice the difference too much and you will save money.

Pawn shops vs. personal loans

In the conjuncture of global economic crisis like the one we are coming from and in which we remain installed, banks are much more reluctant to grant any type of credit.

Pawn shops versus personal loans

The high delinquency rates existing in Mexico and many other countries have caused these banks to close the tap and, for now, it does not seem that this situation will change.

Pawn shops, an option in crisis

As we said a few lines above, pawnshops have become a usual option for many people in these times of crisis. In their eagerness to get money fast , many citizens in distress turn to this type of business to solve an uncomfortable economic situation in the easiest way: receiving money in exchange for a product that the person who needs the money owns.

This is usually an option for desperate people but often does not solve the problem, but cushioned for a while. But, in the long term, the person who is struggling usually sees himself in a similar situation and if any of his valuables that he has sold at a low price to a pawnshop.

Pawn shops vs personal loans

Pawn shops and personal loans. Two similar formulas to get money quickly but at the same time very different in their conditions. Why?

As for the advantages of resorting to a pawnshop in the face of a determined economic difficulty, we find several advantages that make these businesses so attractive for people with these difficulties. Among them are the immediacy, the few requirements that are asked and little paperwork to pawn. So far, the advantages over other alternatives are clear. However, in recent times entities such as have begun to offer financial products with these same characteristics : immediacy and few breaks in the head.

Personal loans are increasingly a recurring financial product for people who need money urgently in the face of an unexpected economic situation to settle in the shortest possible time. And it is that the different pawn shops have a hard time competing against this type of products that offer so many advantages.

What is the reason or reasons? Very easy. Here are the two biggest keys:

  • The cost of engagement is very high in terms of profitability when going to a pawnshop. Loans of money are lent much lower than those that should be received for the product or products that we endeavor. For that reason, many times it becomes a problem and a good that was perhaps necessary ends up losing it because it can not solve the economic hardships that they had.
  • Negotiation conditions . The little regulation that exists for these houses makes those who go to a pawnshop do so in a situation of helplessness, being forced to engage for a lower amount than they can offer to another person for the same purpose.

As we can see here, the advantages of personal loans and a pawnshop are, in broad strokes, the same. However, personal loans seem to be a clearer, transparent, fair option for the client and one that makes him less burdened. It is the client who sets the conditions that most interest him.

The best personal loans

Personal loans online have recently become a great solution to address those small needs that require immediate financing . Those unforeseen needs that any family is presented at a certain time and quite usual. Even self-employed or small businesses have encountered this need and increasingly resort to this type of urgent loans.

You can find the best conditions for these online microloans . The process is really simple. You can make the request from the web itself based on your needs. That is, you will set the conditions according to the amount you need. You can have a maximum of $ 5,000 on the spot (less than 15 minutes ) without having to get up from your rooms. A sufficient amount to face any unforeseen everyday. The conditions are transparent, clear and always beneficial for the client to remain satisfied. Avoid long lines and eternal paperwork, avoid too many questions. With , the facilities are for the client.

I need money for Christmas

What if I need money for these dates?

a  href=''Christmas activities/a with Babar

Do not worry! We have the ideal solution for you. And it is that Christmas is a very difficult time to face on the economic plane for many families who usually have a bad time at the end of the month. But everyone deserves a break, a little fun and relaxation. For that reason from we think about you and yours, so that you do not stay without plan these Christmas dates. You can travel or buy everything you need to set up a living crib in your own home and have a great time with your family.

How? Thanks to one of our online personal loans you will get in less than 15 minutes enough to make any of these Christmas plans. Choose the exact amount you need, up to a maximum of $ 5,000, and the most favorable return period, up to a maximum of 30 days. Virtually no requirements and with all the advantages for you: loans without a land receipt , without the need for an endorsement. Your loan in the act at the click of a mouse and online, all the procedures on the Internet and without having to go to a bank. Get today with liquidity for your economy and spend a dreamy Christmas with your loved ones!

Christmas is a time of year to enjoy, especially in family. Many people look forward to these days to relax from their usual routine and do some Christmas activities with the family , something they can not do at other times of the year. That is why from we want to recommend some Christmas activities so that you always have a plan to enjoy with your loved ones.


Enjoy with your family these Christmas activities

Christmas is the best time of the year to enjoy with the family, to get to know each other a bit more, to learn about distant relatives and to keep unforgettable memories with your loved ones. We offer you 5 Christmas activities so that you can enjoy unforgettable Christmas holidays with your family. In addition, many of them are plans that require virtually no investment. These are just some ideas, but the imagination has no limits and there are many fun and cheap things you can do on these dates with your family. And if you want to make a trip to the snow for skiing, at we also offer solutions for this. Be aware.

5 Christmas activities to perform as a family

  • Travel: making a short trip to the snow or rural tourism is a great option if you have enough savings for it. In addition, the smallest of the house greatly appreciate this type of plans at a time of year when it is important that your children maintain that illusion that they do not have on other dates.
  • Ice skating: in many cities, ice rinks prepared for all ages are assembled and equipped with monitors so that you can carry out this activity as safely as possible. Take advantage of it, and it is that in another time it will be much more difficult to enjoy ice skating.
  • Karaoke: an activity that always triumphs. You can go to a professional karaoke or make an improvised one in your own house. On You Tube and other websites you have songs in karaoke format, so just with a microphone, set up a karaoke and enjoy with your friends.
  • Living Bethlehem: have you thought about how much fun it can be to make a living nativity scene with your family? Your children will thank you and the adults will be happy to make a fun and family Christmas activity. Shepherds, angels, camels … there are characters for all tastes.
  • Question or table games: sometimes, the lack of time makes us not know many things about other distant relatives. What better way than through a game to ask questions about tastes, hobbies, work, travel or any other issue?? A very cheap way to have fun and get to know each other a little more.

As you can see, most are plans that you can do improvised and practically without any strong investment. Playing questions or setting up a homemade karaoke are Christmas activities that you can do at any time you are gathered at home with your relatives.

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