Pawn shops vs. personal loans

In the conjuncture of global economic crisis like the one we are coming from and in which we remain installed, banks are much more reluctant to grant any type of credit.

Pawn shops versus personal loans

The high delinquency rates existing in Mexico and many other countries have caused these banks to close the tap and, for now, it does not seem that this situation will change.

Pawn shops, an option in crisis

As we said a few lines above, pawnshops have become a usual option for many people in these times of crisis. In their eagerness to get money fast , many citizens in distress turn to this type of business to solve an uncomfortable economic situation in the easiest way: receiving money in exchange for a product that the person who needs the money owns.

This is usually an option for desperate people but often does not solve the problem, but cushioned for a while. But, in the long term, the person who is struggling usually sees himself in a similar situation and if any of his valuables that he has sold at a low price to a pawnshop.

Pawn shops vs personal loans

Pawn shops and personal loans. Two similar formulas to get money quickly but at the same time very different in their conditions. Why?

As for the advantages of resorting to a pawnshop in the face of a determined economic difficulty, we find several advantages that make these businesses so attractive for people with these difficulties. Among them are the immediacy, the few requirements that are asked and little paperwork to pawn. So far, the advantages over other alternatives are clear. However, in recent times entities such as have begun to offer financial products with these same characteristics : immediacy and few breaks in the head.

Personal loans are increasingly a recurring financial product for people who need money urgently in the face of an unexpected economic situation to settle in the shortest possible time. And it is that the different pawn shops have a hard time competing against this type of products that offer so many advantages.

What is the reason or reasons? Very easy. Here are the two biggest keys:

  • The cost of engagement is very high in terms of profitability when going to a pawnshop. Loans of money are lent much lower than those that should be received for the product or products that we endeavor. For that reason, many times it becomes a problem and a good that was perhaps necessary ends up losing it because it can not solve the economic hardships that they had.
  • Negotiation conditions . The little regulation that exists for these houses makes those who go to a pawnshop do so in a situation of helplessness, being forced to engage for a lower amount than they can offer to another person for the same purpose.

As we can see here, the advantages of personal loans and a pawnshop are, in broad strokes, the same. However, personal loans seem to be a clearer, transparent, fair option for the client and one that makes him less burdened. It is the client who sets the conditions that most interest him.

The best personal loans

Personal loans online have recently become a great solution to address those small needs that require immediate financing . Those unforeseen needs that any family is presented at a certain time and quite usual. Even self-employed or small businesses have encountered this need and increasingly resort to this type of urgent loans.

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