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Mortgage Loan

You have decided to buy a house? Or have you dropped your eye on a building plot? To pay these costs you can call on a mortgage loan.

Mortgage loan via

This home loan always goes with a mortgage. Which projects can I pay with a mortgage loan?

That depends on the conditions that the lender applies. Most creditors, however, allow you to buy a house, apartment or land with the mortgage loan without any problems.

How much can I borrow?

The amount that you can borrow via a home loan is determined by various factors. In the first place, the bank will ask about your monthly income. That can be your wages, benefits, fixed rental income, etc. Secondly, the bank is interested in the amount that you have already saved.

Most providers of mortgage loans will ask you to pay part of the purchase costs yourself. This can be done via the money in a savings account, for example. Finally, the bank will look at the value of the house. In exchange for the mortgage loan, the bank will receive a mortgage. This ensures that the bank can sell the house if you do not repay the loan.

What costs are involved in the purchase of a home?

When purchasing a house, there are more costs than just the price that you agree as seller and buyer. In any case, you will have to pay registration fees on the purchase of an existing house. The rate of registration fees varies depending on whether the house is located in Flanders, Wallonia or Brussels. In addition, you will also have to pay for notary fees and loan costs. The provider of the mortgage loan will also charge a fee.

When you take out the home loan, you also have to take account of the file costs of about 500 euros at the bank. So you do not have to pay an interest rate to the bank. You may also need to include renovation costs in your budget. That is the case if you want to remodel the house before you start living there.

Can I borrow more than 80% of the purchase price?

Currently, most creditors apply the rule that you can borrow a maximum of 80% of the purchase price of the house. This means that you have to pay 20% of the purchase value yourself. An example for clarification. Imagine buying a house for 300,000 euros. Then you can borrow a maximum of 240,000 euros. You have to cough up the remaining 60,000 euros yourself. That’s where the additional costs mentioned above are added. A well-stocked savings account therefore seems necessary.

Yet it is not impossible to buy a house without a lot of savings. Some providers give you the possibility to borrow 100% of the purchase price. In some cases you can even borrow up to 120% of the purchase price. This means you do not have to take out an additional loan for the notary and registration costs. Of course you have to take into account that the interest rate will be higher.

Fixed or variable interest rate

Both can be with a mortgage loan. A fixed interest rate is, by default, slightly higher than a variable interest rate. The advantage is that you pay the same fixed amount every month. This will remain so throughout the duration of the home loan. The variable interest rate may then rise again, but also fall within the limits agreed between the bank and the borrower. The number of possible revisions of the interest rate depends on the chosen formula (monthly, yearly, etc.). Which formula is best depends on your risk profile. Make an online mortgage simulation to know what the interest rate may be for your credit at worst.


Borrow money in Switzerland: How to lend the cash right!

Stop constant money worries, just enjoy more financial freedom, or spontaneously fulfill a dream.

geld leihen

Borrowing money , there are many reasons and situations in life. The only question is: where do I get ” instant money “, and how much does it cost me?

Anyone who needs “instant cash” or wants to finance a special request usually goes to his bank. Here, there are usually loans for almost all contingencies – from vacation loans to car loans . Mostly you want to be able to access your loan quickly or best to take the cash immediately.

In Switzerland, this is usually not possible, after all, the Swiss consumer credit law (KKG) provides for a waiting period.of at least two weeks for almost all loans. On the one hand, for you, as a borrower, to rethink the loan you have applied for. Finally, the banks and credit intermediaries should also have enough options to scrutinize creditworthiness and pay out. Both have their meaning.

Borrowing money for any purpose – there are many offers

To lend money urgently for different purposes, this requires first the appropriate low-priced credit . And there are definitely:

If, for example, you want to be able to make a small amount of money quickly and easily, you are well advised to pay with a mini loan or small loan. Depending on the time and amount, this can also be obtained much earlier in Switzerland within the waiting period. This can be used to bridge financial bottlenecks for a short time or, for example, quickly compensate for the shortfall in the salary account.

On the other hand, if you would like to borrow capital for the renovation or refurbishment of your home, buy new furniture or finance your new car at low interest rates, a special modernization loan or car loan will help you quickly. As an alternative to traditional mortgage lending or the most expensive leasing these loans are currently available as real bargains.

In many cases, however, older loan agreements are in the file cabinet, which demand high installments and interest payments month after month. In this case, a flexible modern debt restructuring loan works wonders. When it comes to borrowing cash, he not only ensures that the costs are falling quickly, thanks to lower interest rates and hardly any fees – this also avoids high overdraft interest on current account and credit card right from the start.

What remains is the classic cash advance and consumer credit . He is still the most in demand in Switzerland – universally applicable, and to have a clever deal with appropriate credit in the pocket and extremely low interest rates. However, the modern consumer does not only want favorable conditions today. An easy calculation and application of the loan and a flexible repayment are just as important. Above all, the customer wants one thing: a quick decision as to whether and at what cost he can borrow his francs and transfer them to his account. This is best done via online credit comparison .

Borrow money online – you decide how much and how expensive

No matter what kind of credit you need: With the online loan calculator from you can reach your goal very quickly – in three simple steps:

  • Calculate credit and make inquiry
  • Receive credit offers as desired
  • Finalize credit agreement immediately

For the application we need first a few data about you as a customer and your loan request. Your personal data and income, information on employer and household, purpose of use, desired loan amount and term are sufficient. After you have submitted your loan request, we will promptly send you a binding loan offer.

Here you can immediately see the possible conditions, equal to several different providers. You can decide for yourself which bank or intermediary you want to borrow from. After signing the loan agreement, your financing is secured. Within 14 days receive the requested loan then on your given account.

Tip : By comparison and credit request, you have both target and effective interest, monthly payments and absolute interest costs and the total amount of the respective financing in view. You calculate yourself, which monthly rate is easy to raise. With shorter financing, interest and overall costs can be reduced, longer loan periods ensure small convenient monthly payments. If you want to lend even cheaper money, you can also apply for a payout together with a second borrower as additional security. Positive for your Schufa.

Pay off quickly and flexibly – borrow money even cheaper

When it comes to financing, it’s not just money, time and co that count. Also during the repayment you should enjoy many liberties. Here, modern online loans offer numerous possibilities: In addition to the fixed monthly installments, you can replace your loan free of charge or repay it separately or even repay the remaining amount prematurely. And without additional fees.

A clear advantage : If, surprisingly, you have capital at your disposal or are no longer in need of credit due to an improved financial situation, your borrowed capital can be partially or completely redeemed outside the agreed installment. This brings short term and overall lowers the cost of your online loan significantly. Borrow money immediately – with a flexible loan, this is not a problem.

Conversely, unforeseen payment difficulties during the repayment phase may not be a problem for you. Modern loans from many banks also offer flexible solutions if you are in dire need of money elsewhere. If it comes to difficulties in the monthly repayments, you can bridge them with temporary installment breaks and continue to use the loan at low interest rates – also without additional costs. Let us advise you individually by our credit experts.

Lend money with us  – many benefits for you

  • Flexible terms and loan amounts
  • Low interest rates without additional agency fees
  • Simple uncomplicated online request
  • Fast credit decision and immediate payout
  • All reputable providers in Switzerland at a glance
  • Transparency and security in financing

Car loan Switzerland compared to leasing

In some life situations, the purchase of a new car may be required. Be it because the family is getting offspring or you need a larger vehicle for work.

The cheapest option is of course the car to pay cash. But you usually do not have the necessary liquidity for it. In this case, a car loan or lease can be considered as additional financing.

The opinion seems common that a lease is cheaper than a car loan. But this is not the case. But the biggest advantage is: When buying a car through a personal loan, the car belongs to you right from the start.

What is a lease?

Leasing is a form of financing a consumer good, with the focus on use rather than ownership. The leasing company (bank or financial institution) buys the leased object and leaves it to you upon payment of the leasing installment. The property remains with the leasing company. After expiry of the lease period, you can buy or return the object after consultation.

Simply put, if you decide to lease a car, then the vehicle will not be yours even after the installments have been paid. However, you can use the car as a lessee during the lease term. At the end of the contract period, you can return the car or buy from the financial institution after consultation. Of course, as a lessee, you are liable for the car throughout the duration of the contract and are obliged to maintain the vehicle.

Benefits of auto financing through a personal loan

  • You are the owner of the vehicle from the beginning. Say they make what they want by car.
  • The comprehensive insurance is voluntary.
  • The car can be resold as needed at any time.
  • The personal loan is also early repayable.
  • You decide when and how the car will be repaired, not the leasing company.
  • The interest on the loan is deductible from the tax return.

Apply for credit online

You can conveniently apply for your auto financing loan online. Simply enter desired amount and number of installments into the loan calculator and then complete the application form completely.

Our experts usually process your request within 24 working hours and contact you.

Personal loans, the solution to your financial solvency

Forget long queues, forget about eternal procedures. Forget about disproportionately high and interesting rates. Forget excessive questions. 

Forget, too, to collect documentation that you do not know where you left off and now the bank intends to ask you. Forget the few facilities and forget new problems derived from solutions that are not so. Forget all this thanks to the advantages that offers in their money loans .

Thanks to direct credits , it will be able to have the necessary liquidity to face its disbursement of money without having to resort to drastic measures. Personal loans are a solution to the problem of lack of liquidity in families. But it is also a solution for SMEs and freelancers so that you can face a disbursement of money easily and quickly, without any headache. On the Internet and from the comfort of your sofa.

is a specialist in advising clients on this type of loans. Present your request and we will advise you on which one may be better for that disbursement that your company needs or you as a self-employed person. But you are the one who finally chooses the conditions. You can request a quick loan and urgently up to a maximum of $ 5,000, and the return period, up to 30 days. You will receive your answer in just 15 minutes , time in which you can enter in your account the amount requested.


Sometimes, many people are not clear about the difference between a disbursement of money and a monetary expenditure. To understand what is a disbursement of money and how to do it, the first thing is to understand what is the difference between a disbursement and an expense .

In a few lines we will try to show you that difference to clarify the meaning of a disbursement. From there, we will try to show you some ways so that you can make disbursements of money in complicated situations that many of us tend to go through. And is that the crisis has affected many small businesses that today suffer from these unforeseen month after month, having to make disbursements of money before they get constant income and sound. But do not worry if you are in this situation. There are solutions. Very good solutions so you can have the liquidity you need.

What is a money outlay

A disbursement of money is money that is paid on behalf of a person or client by a company or agent. A disbursement is considered as a type of expense, however an expense is not always framed as a disbursement of money. Expenditures are funds, amounts of money that are spent to run a business, either by paying wages, buying new equipment and supplies or marketing the company.

That is, disbursements also include purchases of goods and services. These are tax deductible. The buyer is the one who receives parts of the money when he makes the income statement. On the other hand, expenses refer to the global computation of money that a company invests, be it in salaries and hiring of employees, office supplies and other supplies. The expenses are not all deductible.

How to make a disbursement of money without solvency?

The delicate situation that the economy is experiencing in our country has resulted in many companies finding themselves in economic difficulties every month. This causes the banks to turn off the tap, which does not accept loans to companies that do not ensure a clear solvency and a safe return. In addition, high rates can be another new problem rather than a quick solution.

For quick solutions to unexpected contingencies, there are new and much more interesting financial products. They are financial products increasingly demanded and that have the complete approval of everyone who has turned to them. They are very clear and transparent products, easy to understand and with many facilities when ordering and returning it. Facilities for the client, who is who needs them. Non-banking financial entities such as offer the best options in this type of personal loans with which you will be able to face the disbursement to which you currently can not reach.

How can you get money fast? How do I apply for my loan?

Are you wondering ” how to get money fast “? Normally, getting fast money almost instantly and without any effort is a pipe dream.

conseguir dinero rapido


Either that or a stroke of luck. However, needs tighten at times and we want to quickly get money we do not have. In ‘s article today we will show you some ways to get fast money, although you will need some time. In the case that what you are looking for is urgent financing , we offer you a financial product as the only alternative: personal loans from .

I urgently need money: what should I do?

Have you suffered any unforeseen unforeseen events in the form of expenses that have unbalanced your balance of income and expenses? Do not you have enough liquidity to face the last days of the month? These situations are repeated again and again in many domestic economies throughout Argentina. Therefore, many mothers and many parents seek some way to earn extra money outside of their work schedule. That those who work, of course. Worse is the situation of many families in which none of its members work. For these delicate economic situations, time is short and money must be obtained quickly. How to get it?

Ways to get fast money

Do you have a job and need to make money fast? The Internet has opened many doors for those who need urgent funding. There are many web portals that offer employment in the form of minijobs or mini online jobs. Errands, creative work, fill out online surveys, monetize a blog … all these are ways to earn quick money online . There are many and they are works of the most varied, so surely one adapts to something that you like or you are good at doing.

However, if the need tightens and you do not even have time to save some money through these online jobs, you can always lay the first stone to solve your economic problems with the fast online loans available at Argentina. That’s the way you’ll have to solve your problems: get quick money, pay debts if you have them, stabilize your accounts and start over from scratch. These loans are a second opportunity for many people who can not access urgent financing through a bank.

, the best option to get fast money

We put our loans on the spot at the disposal of anyone who needs urgent financing to face any expense that can not wait until tomorrow. And can only this type of financing be used for these cases? Of course not. If you need to make a purchase or allow yourself a whim, you can also apply for your loan online. will not ask you any questions about what you want the money for. Simply choose your conditions and request the loan offering your most basic personal information.

And what requirements must be met to access this type of loan? To access direct credit , you only have to meet three requirements: be of legal age, have a bank account and be able to prove a source of income. This source of income does not have to be a salary, since these loans are granted without needing a salary receipt or a person who makes you endorsement . You can even access financing even if your name appears in any of the debtor listings that exist.

Getting fast money: how do I apply for my loan?

But how do you apply for one of these personal loans online? On the home page of this website, you can see two scrollable bars. To apply for your loan you just have to select the amount you want, up to a maximum of $ 5,000, and the return period, maximum 30 days, by moving those bars. Then you will only have one more step: you have to fill out a form and we will respond to your request shortly (in less than 15 minutes). Once approved, you will be paid the amount you requested in your bank account.

Do you need more information before applying for your personal loan online? Contact us! The availability of is permanent , always available to its customers: not only 24 hours a day, but also 7 days a week and even if it is a holiday is constantly online to meet the financing needs that arise at any time. If you have any questions about your personal loan, you can consult it by telephone with our expert advisors at any time of the day and any day of the week. Ask us if you have any questions!

How to ask for a personal loan: we give you the keys

Who has not ever asked for a loan? For whatever reason, there are many of us who have ever applied for a loan. But how to ask for a personal loan ? Who offers the best conditions?

How to request a personal loan: Here we leave you some keys

Strange is the one who has not come at any time not only to a loan from a bank, but also to a third party, a relative or a friend, who left us money urgently for some unexpected expense, such as paying a traffic ticket, the insurance of the car, pay for a work or necessary reform, school material for the children or for a debt that must be paid as a matter of urgency.

Unless you are very cautious and you are saving part of the salary month by month for those unexpected expenses, it would not be strange that you had to resort to some type of external financing. Those types of loans that are used to deal with a particular expense are called personal loans. A small loan yes, but enough to pay for a trip, a reform, studies or the first term of a car.

How to request a personal loan and when?

In Argentina, we can request a loan from different entities: banks, Credit and Savings Cooperatives and private entities. Also in credit card companies supported by financial institutions. Finally, another alternative is the platforms that are responsible for managing loans between individuals.

But how to ask for a personal loan and to whom? However, if we talk about personal loans, those who offer the best financial products are those offered by private entities that are dedicated to offering this type of loans. Non-banking and private equity entities , such as , that offer very safe, transparent, easy-to-understand products with no small print with which to deceive their clients. Nothing to do with the traditional loans offered by banks.

allocates a credit to suit those who need financing to pay a debt or unexpected expense , who want to invest or make any purchase they need. With our personal loans, it is you who sets the conditions. You can choose, immediately, request a personal loan with repayment terms, installments and the amount you need.

The best conditions are in

is a non-bank financial institution that gives you all kinds of facilities when it comes to applying for your personal loan. You will have in record time the financing you were looking for. With your own conditions and without almost asking you requirements. You can even get a loan with true negative , if you have any outstanding debt and you are in one of these lists. And in we give opportunities to people who need it.

Benefit from our excellent conditions. Fill out the application form and in a few minutes you will get the money you need. You can receive in less than 15 minutes the amount you want , up to $ 5,000. finances you in comfortable monthly installments offering your services always with total confidence and security … and without leaving home. You can perform all operations over the Internet.

How to request a personal loan?

If you do not know how to ask for a personal loan , do not worry. Here we explain it to you. You only have to choose the amount you want (up to a maximum of $ 5,000) and the return period (30 days maximum). Afterwards, you will see a form that you have to fill out. In record time, we respond to your request and, if all goes well, you can have your money in less than 15 minutes. Once that request for your personal loan has been approved, the money will be deposited into your bank account. As simple as that!

But what are the requirements ? Is it very difficult to get a personal loan? No. With fulfilling three basic requirements, you can access the credit:

  • You must be of legal age at the time of signing the contract.
  • Have a bank account
  • Have periodic income more or less stable.

That is all. You can even get that money if you do not have a guarantee or salary receipt. With three minimum requirements and just giving your ID, your personal loan will be granted and you can begin to solve all those unexpected expenses that have unbalanced your accounts or, why not, invest it or spend it on something you need or at any whim. As you will see it is very easy to get a personal loan.

How to pay for summer vacations We give you the keys!

When the holiday season arrives, we are all looking forward to going on vacation.

how to pay summer vacation

The good weather, the sun, the beach or the mountain, the cold and the open air, even going to see the relatives to the town or the city. All are good alternatives to enjoy a holiday no matter how small and have time for us. While paying for vacations has become the luxury of a few privileged, while the rest we see eager wanting to have what they have already achieved.

In this article we are going to tell you a series of tricks for traveling cheaply but we are also going to tell you how to pay for summer vacations if you do not have too much money. Stay tuned, because I’m sure you’ll be interested in more than one tip.

Tricks to travel economically and easily

If you want to travel cheap, so that you can pay for the summer holidays that you crave, these are the tricks that you should keep in mind at all times.

Establish a realistic budget

Before taking the suitcase and leaving the house, you must establish the budget that you will need. First, choose a destination and look for cheap flights or forms of transportation, depending on your conditions . For example, if you do not mind going by bus and spending 10 hours in it, it may be the cheapest transportation, but if you only have three days of vacation, it will not be the best choice.

Second, how much will you spend on accommodation? in food? In activities? Maybe you should give up more than one thing that you have raised. The goal is to enjoy without skimping, but being realistic.

Choose flights with time

If your destination needs the purchase of both air tickets and other types of transport, we advise you to ask for them in advance. This way you will find them cheap and you will be able to compare different companies without having to wait until the last moment and keep the only one available.

Another great tip is to travel during the week. Flights and tickets are usually cheaper than the weekend and you will be more relaxed having less saturation of people.

Choose a suitable accommodation

The ideal way to travel economically is to go for a tent or rent an apartment . At first you may think that it is not the most appropriate, but we assure you that it is. Why? Because you can cook inside, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, despite the fact that one day you go on a getaway. Although, if you want to save, you should prioritize meals in this place and not always go from restaurant or from bar to bar.


Compare and choose which is the best way to travel in the area. It may be by public transport or you may need to rent a car. Learn about the alternatives that exist in your place of destination, to always choose the most appropriate one.

How to pay for summer vacations?

The truth is that you have several options to pay for summer vacations, if the above tips are not what you were looking for. The first option is your relatives . Ask your parents, your grandparents, siblings, cousins ​​… if they could borrow a certain amount of money, you will return it as soon as possible and practically they will not remember. If they are in the same situation as you, try your friends, acquaintances or colleagues . Sometimes, some are in an excellent financial state where they can lend a hand and help you get out there.

If none of these two options convinces you, or they can lend you the amount you need. We are a leading company in loans and direct credit , the best in Argentina. We lend very high sums of money, from $ 7,000 to return in 30 days or comfortable installments that we must establish in a contract for both parties to win and none harmed.

How does it work?

It works very simply. Through its intuitive interface you can select the amount of personal loan money you need to pay for your vacation. Once done that, you decide what will be the time frame that will take you to return it. You press the button to request and access a very basic page where data such as your address, telephone, bank account, name and surname are requested … Some data that are necessary to perform all the procedures that follow.

In just a few minutes, between 10 and 20, you receive an answer as to whether or not your request is accepted. In the majority of cases, in 90% the proposal of the clients is usually accepted , only very rare cases of insolvency, it is not allowed. Thus, in a comfortable way from your home, you will have the money in account for the vacation you so desire.

Money Loans

The Internet has opened the doors of financing to millions of people, so getting money quickly and safely is no longer a problem.

In this post we explain how to make money, where you can request up to $ 5,000 at the time and without leaving home, which is a respite for many people and families when facing unforeseen or urgent expenses.


What are money loans?

Money loans are a quick and easy way to get money through the Internet. What defines this type of credits is their immediacy (they are received in just a few minutes) and their amounts, always moderate so that the process is more agile and the return is easier. In fact, on our website you can request a loan of between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 , a significantly lower amount than traditional banks usually grant but valid for many situations.

Among the economic problems that can be solved with these direct loans are unforeseen expenses: surprise situations that come when you least expect it and when the funds in the bank account are low. These unforeseen expenses can be of any type: from an unexpectedly high bill to a fine of traffic, through repairs of essential objects for our daily lives, such as a lens, a cell phone or a computer.

On the other hand, these loans from are also a great help in many other situations foreseen but that become urgent because the salary has not been paid on time. Therefore, basic expenses such as rent or extracurricular activities of the children will not be a problem.

How to make money with : steps to follow

Take note of how to make money with , you just have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the amount of money you want to receive and the time period in which you want to return this amount plus the management costs, which should be a period between 1 and 30 days.
  2. After that, you must fill in the form with your personal information, in which you must indicate your name, your account number and your contact information, among others.
  3. Wait a few minutes until you receive confirmation of acceptance and, subsequently, your money will be transferred to your bank account.

Main advantages of online loans

The online loans of our website are loaded with advantages. The main ones are:

  • Convenience : as you have been able to verify, to request a loan on our website you will not need to move from home, as the entire process is carried out remotely from the computer or any other device with an Internet connection.
  • Without bureaucratic obstacles : while the credits of the traditional banks are difficult to obtain due to their numerous bureaucratic obstacles, the direct loans of our website hardly require documentation. And, in the case of being necessary, such documentation can also be delivered remotely in digital format.
  • Fast : the process is faster than the one carried out with traditional banks. From the moment you choose your amount and term until the money is received in the account, just a few minutes pass in most cases. Nothing to do with the days or weeks that often have to wait until receiving the money from a bank loan.
  • Insurance : both economic transactions and the sending of personal data are protected in thanks to state-of-the-art SSL encryption systems, which guarantees security throughout the process.

Other advantages

In addition to these practical advantages, trust in reports other very important advantages for some people:

  • They are loans with truthful negative , that is to say, that those who have commercial or banking debts with other companies can also have access to our financing. It is undoubtedly a relief for many people who often come across negative responses in banks and credit institutions when they come to request a loan.
  • They can be obtained without a salary receipt : as you can verify by filling in the form, in order to access this funding tool it is necessary to have periodic income. However, it does not have to be a salary, but the source of income may be another, which must be accredited. And if it is a low or temporary salary, it will not be a problem either.

For all this, to the question of ” how to make money online quickly and easily? “, The best answer is  Hundreds of thousands of people in Argentina and in other countries such as Spain or Mexico have already done so.

I need money to start my business project

You do not have a job and you want to start an entrepreneurship project but you do not have even a little money to lay the first stone and shape your idea or business opportunity? Do not worry.

how to find business opportunities

We have personal online loans that entrepreneurs can also benefit from to start their project or even a small or medium-sized company that needs to pay for an unexpected expense.

You choose your loan exactly as you need it, based on your needs. To ask for a personal loan, it can not be simpler: just select the desired amount, up to a maximum of $ 5,000, and the return period, up to a maximum of 30 days, by moving the sidebars. Then the next step in which you have to fill out a form and in minutes we will respond to your request. Once approved, the demanded amount will be entered into your bank account.

They are personal loans without a salary , that is, you can request it and get it even if you do not have a stable job. You only need to have stable income, something that is required since the entity needs to recover its money. But that income can come from another source that is not a job. In addition, they are loans with true negative , so if you are included in one of these lists of people who have debts, we offer you the possibility of redirecting your situation. At , we are committed to trusting the client.

Do you want to start a business project and do not know how? What business opportunities do I have in the market? How to capture them and give them the best shape? Start today to provide a solid foundation to your business project, taking into account a number of very important points. In this article we help you find the best business opportunities and increase your business vision. In addition, we offer you an option if you are looking for an economic boost to launch a personal project of entrepreneurship.

Capturing business opportunities is the maximum obsession that entrepreneurs have, those that lead to undertake well within their own blood. Attentive to everything we explain in today’s article.


Capture business opportunities: obsession

When you want to shape an enterprise , you should put emphasis on Social Capital. Social Capital is, simply, the only way to detect business opportunities. Based on that basis, you will know what innovative ideas add value and what business ideas you can afford.

You must be clear that, at present, it has been shown that business opportunities are conditioned in large part by good planning and form in the business model of your choice. The business model can be what makes the same idea successful or a failure.

From there, we must take into account other aspects: knowing the customer in the most depth by analyzing the market well, not falling in love with ideas and passing them through the filter of business opportunities , building a solid model and clearly defining which will be the business model (give it shape), build a team of professionals with well-defined tasks, attend to what the competition does well and badly and take advantage of any trends or technology that is offered new in the market.

With a well-defined business model, business opportunities grow. You will know, in addition, identify what makes your project unique and completely new, in this way, enhance it. The business opportunities are always there, but, so you see, keep reading.

Business opportunities in times of crisis

So that you realize the business opportunities are constant we will talk about some of the businesses that are profitable in times of crisis. Some are even more profitable in times of crisis than prosperity. Funeral services or second-hand stores are the best example of the latter.

Other businesses that are usually successful and a business opportunity in times of crisis are: tax accounting services, repair shops or alcoholic beverages. These are very clear, however there are other opportunities in times of crisis to undertake. For example, catering in sweets and desserts. Just as people do not stop drinking during crises (or drink more), the same goes for sugar addicts.


5 tips on how to start a business

Setting up a company and being your own boss is the dream to which many Argentines aspire.

5 tips on how to start a business

In this case, a dream that, although not easy, is perfectly achievable. In this article we give you 5 tips on how to start a business in our country, with advice at the level of attitude, bureaucracy and financing, where the loans in the act play a fundamental role, as we will see.

Analyze and inform yourself of the market

One of the basic rules of every entrepreneur is “do not get involved in a sector that you do not know”. It will generate insecurities, make you make mistakes (errors are allowed in all areas of life and the economy, but in fair measure) and, above all, limit your ability to make decisions. Therefore, it is essential that you know the market in which you are going to operate, either by training or by previous experience.

In this sense, you can resort in a complementary way to the advice of experts , who will advise you on the steps to follow and on the approach you have to give to your activity. They will elaborate the corresponding reports, they will alert you of the possible risks and they will help you in the first phases of the process.

Develop a business plan

Your new economic adventure must be, first of all, a controlled adventure with a network. That is, you have to think to the last detail and anticipate crisis situations, which you must face with guarantees. All this must be included in a fundamental document: the business plan, which includes everything related to your new company. For example:

  • Current situation of the sector
  • SWOT Analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities of your future business), always from a truly realistic perspective
  • Budget : money available, money that can be obtained through financing and estimates of sales income or service provision in the early stages of the business.
  • Material and human resources : office furniture, vehicles necessary for the development of the activity, size of the workers’ staff that will be necessary to carry out the work, etc.
  • Marketing plan : essential to publicize the company and make it grow, both in its early stages and later. Investment in marketing must be constant and a central axis of the company’s sustainability
  • Many other aspects

The business plan is a fundamental and complex document. There are numerous models and examples available to you on the Internet, but it is recommended that you resort to the services of experts for its preparation.

Perform the relevant bureaucratic procedures

In this business plan you can also indicate all the bureaucratic procedures that you have to carry out to start your business. Depending on the province in which the company will be registered, the procedures are broader or simpler. But in all cases, there are three institutions that are part of this process: the AFIP , a judicial body to control the legality of the company (usually the General Inspection of Justice ) and the provincial directorate .

Financing: how to start a business with money loans

One of the fundamental aspects for those who want to know how to start a business is, logically, to obtain the necessary funds for it. In general, you can get them in several ways:

  • Personal savings : inheritance or capital obtained through years of work.
  • Public subsidies : either through competitions, financing by public institutions or non-refundable money grants .
  • Bank financing : for large amounts of money.
  • Online loans : an increasingly popular way.

In relation to this last method of financing, that of quick loans , it should be noted that they have become not only a personal solution but also a totally valid tool for professionals and companies. Its main reason: they provide money instantly and can be used in any aspect related to the business, without giving explanations or justifications. This makes them an unbeatable aid in the early life of the company, when there is usually a greater need for liquidity in cash and treasury. You can get up to $ 5000 at the moment, to return in a period that you decide: between 1 and 30 days .

Advance with small steps

One last piece of advice on how to start a business is to move forward with small steps, without hurry but without pause. The ideal is to set small goals , both for its short period of achievement and its simple realization. And go overcoming them. That will give you confidence, while ensuring the sustainable growth of the company. A serious mistake would be to start the activity with great expectations and big projects based on illusion and an excessive optimism. Do not commit more money than you are sure you can recover and do not spend more time than you can dedicate to your new economic adventure.

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